Thursday, May 26, 2011

Once a Week (Song)

Sitting, sitting,
On mountains high
It seems only fitting,
(why) You always wonder why,

Only once a week…

Stand by me,
Just like birds in the trees
Together we’ll be free
Nobody but you and me (girl)

But I just can’t wait,
But I just can’t wait…

All these little things
That you and me try
Just try to spread your wings (babe)
And teach me how to fly!

Only one a week…

Sadly there’s an in-between
Its really quite obscene
She’s addicted to the caffeine
My girl of only eighteen

But I just can’t wait,
But I just can’t wait,

For my once a week.


  1. That's good stuff. Keep it up. I followed you, so I look forward to reading more of your work.

  2. pretty lyrics, needs an instrumental though!

  3. So you wrote it? Nice, I like it =)

  4. Wow... it's funny cause I have an 18 year old girlfriend, and this song kinda speaks to me. Nice. I usually find love songs a bit cheesy, but I like this.

  5. Good shit, following for sure

  6. Pretty sweet, I wonder how it would sound as a song tho...are you a songwriter?

  7. I'd lov to hear the muysic that would go with this.

  8. aww thats cute... *sniff* young love.. I miss it..

  9. Thats very good, you have some talent with writing