Monday, May 16, 2011

I sawr a gerl at a ye olde coffee shope...

I was wondering what the red haired girl across from me at this little coffee shope was thinking, maybe we had been friends in a past life?

"At Costa’s coffee shop, Jim told me he loved ham sandwiches. I was ordering at the cashier when I heard that familiar voice. My insides screamed like a schoolgirl. I put the biggest smile I possibly could get on my face, and then gave him the biggest hug that I think I’ve ever given anyone. It was a Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t tell whether it was holiday; people seemed too scarce apart to be a regular day. It was just me and Jim in the coffee shop. Delicious – I love the smell of coffee shops. Whenever I stroll into a Starbucks, I’m in heaven. He was just there to grab lunch and read the paper, nothing too fancy. But we decided to chat anyways. We used to go to school together. We were in the same art class. It was almost love between us, all class we would do nothing but stare at each other eyes. He had a glow about him that made us inseparable. Which, maybe is the main reason our teacher gave us such a low mark. Good times. I wish I was a teenager again"

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  1. this is really cute. How do you get inspired?